Python Tips & Tricks for the Advent of Code 2019

Day 1: The Tyranny of the Rocket Equation

import fileinputif __name__ == '__main__':
lines = [*fileinput.input()]
echo 'input' | ./
cat input.txt | ./
./ input.txt

Day 2: 1202 Program Alarm

Day 3: Crossed Wires

grid = {
(0, 0): '.',
(0, 1): '#',
(1, 0): '#',
(1, 1): '.',
  • You don’t have to worry about row-major vs. column-major order.
  • You don’t thave to worry about bounds checking: grid.get((-1, 0)) is valid and returns None, whereas negative indexing in a list will do something different.
  • You don’t need to know the size of the grid in advance. This is especially helpful if you’re starting in the middle and exploring a space, as on Day 15. Negative indices are OK.
grid = {
(x, y): v
for y, row in enumerate(fileinput.input())
for x, v in enumerate(row.strip())
def minmax(it):
vals = list(it)
return min(vals), max(vals)
minx, maxx = minmax(x for x, y in grid.keys())
miny, maxy = minmax(y for x, y in grid.keys())
explored_nodes = {...}
moves = [
(-1, 0),
(+1, 0),
(0, -1),
(0, +1),
new_nodes = {
x + dx, y + dy
for x, y in current_nodes
for dx, dy in moves
if grid.get((x + dx, y + dy)) == '.'
and (x + dx, y + dy) not in explored_nodes
new_nodes = {
for x, y in current_nodes
for dx, dy in moves
if grid.get(node := (x + dx, y + dy)) == '.'
and node not in explored_nodes

Day 7: Amplification Circuit

Day 10: Monitoring Station (Asteroid lines of sight)

  • itertools.combinations(xs, 2) returns an iterator over all pairs.
  • math.atan2 is a version of arctangent that takes x and y as two separate arguments (unlike regular math.atan, which takes y/x). This ensures you get an angle back that's in the correct quadrant: key for part 2!
  • defaultdict(list) is a convenient way to index a list by something. For example, to index the asteroids by their angle (as in part 2):
Using math.atan2 and defaultdict(list) to index the list of asteroids by angle

Day 12: The N-Body Problem

Day 13: Care Package (Breakout game)

  • Adding a save/restore feature.
  • Adding an indicator for where the ball would land on the bottom.
def address_for_block(x, y):
return 1664 + ((((((25 * x + y) * 521) + 1011) % (64 * 1025)) % (8 * 1025)) % 1025)

Day 14: Space Stoichiometry

Day 15: Oxygen System

Day 16: Flawed Frequency Transmission

I decided to hang out on these hammocks while my slow solution to Day 16 ran.

Day 18: Many-Worlds Interpretation (Maze & Keys)

Day 20: Donut Maze

Day 21: Springdroid Adventure

  • You can split the problem into three cases: there’s a blank immediately in front of you (in which case you must jump), a blank two in front of you and a blank three in front of you. You always want to decide to jump, rather than not to jump.
  • For each case, you can take all the examples in which you want to jump, OR them and simplify the resulting boolean expression.
  • To implement a boolean expression in SpringScript, you need to get it in a form that starts with a NOT (since another case might have set the T register) and does not branch. I’m curious if there’s a name for this form.

Day 22: Slam Shuffle

> pow(2, 3, 7)
1 # 2 ** 3 % 7 == 1
> pow(2, -1, 7)
> 2 * 4 % 7

Day 25: Cryostasis (Christmas!)




Software Developer @sidewalklabs, author of Effective TypeScript

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Dan Vanderkam

Dan Vanderkam

Software Developer @sidewalklabs, author of Effective TypeScript

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