Starring a repo on GitHub is an easy way to tell its author that you appreciate their work. It only takes one click!

Starring a repo is easy and satisfying for both you and its owner.

Stars are a good way to get a quick sense of a repository’s popularity. People get pretty obsessed with tracking stars. …

The open-source, open-data Old Toronto map tool can help locals discover things they didn’t know about the city’s past.

This post was co-written with Associate Product Manager Matt Breuer.

Editor’s Note: In 2021, Sidewalk Labs retired the Old Toronto map tool described in this blog post.

Here’s a view from Yonge Street in Toronto, looking north from Temperance, right near Sidewalk’s temporary office space. At the corner we can…

Our NYC Transit Explorer shows how long it takes to get anywhere in the city by bus or subway. Even during L-mageddon.

Editor’s Note: In March 2021, Sidewalk Labs retired the NYC Transit Explorer described in this blog post.

There’s no greater challenge facing New York City transportation than the L train East River tunnel shutdown that could start as early as 2019 and will last 18 months. The dreaded L-mageddon will…

Dan Vanderkam

Software Developer @sidewalklabs, author of Effective TypeScript

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